Some makeup staples for all brides include:

· An anti-puffy eye creme underneath foundation and concealer.
· Pressed powder or oil blotting papers (for touch-ups)
· Waterproof mascara
· Eye pencil lined with eye shadow (to ensure less smudging) or if applicable, liquid eyeliner.
· Creme (for dry or normal skin) or matte powder (for combination and oily skin) eye shadow
· Lip color topped with a clear lip sealant (available in both drugstores and department stores)

The four basic bridal looks are:

The Classic
Focus on foundation that is one shade lighter than skin tone, well-defined eyebrows, softly shadowed eyelids and lined eyes, defined and separated eyelashes, creme or powder blush and matte lips lined with lipliner. Choose neutral shades such as taupes and browns for eyes and medium shades such as rose and mauve for cheeks and lips.

The Dramatic
Defined by matte foundation in 1-2 shades lighter than skintone, arched eyebrows, false lashes or a lengthening mascara, pencil and liquid eyeliner on upper and lower eyelids and matte, well defined lips with a rich lip liner and color. Choose shades such as plums, silver-grays and smoky blues for eyes and deep lip colors such as burgundy, plum and soft red.

The Natural
The goal is to create a hybrid look of sun-kissed skin with color. Achieved with sheer foundation, full eyebrows, blush applied cheek to cheek and down the nose, bronzer applied on cheekbones and temples and a lip gloss or lip stain. Choose soft browns, pinks and peaches for eyes and sheer pink, peach or mauve for cheeks and lips.

The Romantic
Includes the look of creamy, dewy skin with light to medium sheer colors. Choose an illuminating foundation or add 1-2 drops of illuminating cream on cheekbones and temples, rounded eyebrows, domed eye shadow application, more mascara in the center of the eyelashes and sheer lipstick. Choose colors such as a shimmery taupe, brown, pink or peach for eyes and sheer pink, peach or mauve for cheeks and lips.

Brides and bridesmaids should also consult with a makeup artist beforehand to create and achieve their desired look. The goal is to enhance each woman’s unique beauty rather than make them look like someone else.


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